Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Festival Season | Summerfestival Antwerp

It’s almost mid summer and altough the sun hasn’t come out to play that much, the festival season is in fulllll speed! As you might have seen on my Instagram (@LaVieFleurit) I have been visiting several already! I kicked of my season with a trip to Summerfestival in Antwerp! It was the first time I visited this festival and it was definitely worth it! Although the grounds were not incredible large, there were many stages to entertain the crowd. With DJ’s like Yellow Claw, Don Diablo and Quintino, we were inn for a party! I was very lucky to interview my personal favourite DJ De Hofnar! I’m still working on the video, but I’ll keep you up dated if I have more luck on getting a better sound! Summerfestival is great for house, dance and techno lovers and if you want to enjoy their party next year, they have a camping if you were wondering!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

La Vie Fleurit On Tour | Road Trip Day 2 and Family Sunday

As promised I still needed to tell you guys about the final part of my journey to Greece! The second day I rented a car, I had envisioned to make my day a bit more relaxed than the day before, Moreover I wanted to visit the island of Spinalonga, because everyone kept talking about it, so I figured I better drive up there to check out the sights! But before doing so I kicked off my morning with a trip into the mountains nearby Gouves, where I hiked to a cave filled with stalactites. Crete is filled with these caves and there are some famous ones for which you have to pay a lot of money to visit them but there are also some free ones on the island so just ask any local and they will guide you the way!

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Festival Season | Galaxy Galore at We Can Dance

Between all the vaca blogposts madness I just wanted to mix things up a bit with this galactic little moodboard I made for you guys! Finally the festival season has kicked off again and as every year I plan on visiting to coolest music paradise s for you guys and tell you all the ins and outs! From Belgium with love … this year We Can Dance Festival will have their annual dress up party on the beach again! This summer is all about futuristic – out of space themed clothing ! As always We Can Dance teamed up with the coolest labels and this year none other than Zalando has become one of their partners in crime! Here is my top 3 We Can Dance x Zalando fashion collection advise list including some extra inspirational photos to get you in the right make-up and accessory mood :)!

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