Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Wanderlust | Dreaming about the Wonderfull Vineyards and Gastronomy of Catalonia

It’s been cold the last few days and so I found myself dozing off … Dozing off to warmer places :D! Last week I attended a press event on the beautiful wine domains in Catalonia, Spain … And let me tell you… It didn’t seem bad …NOT SO BAD AT ALL ACTUALLY! I could totally imagine myself sipping on some delicious wine, looking over some gorgeous vineyards and eating the most fantastic food! Toooooo bad I’m still stuck in Belgium, but nevertheless I get to share my stories about this beautiful region with you guys, so that helps!

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Must Visit Tip | Modemuseum Antwerp x Rik Wouters

Everyone that knows me personally, knows I love both Fashion and Art. You see I once wrote my thesis on Couture & Lifestyle, because although some might find those two segments different things, I can never see the first without the second intertwined and vice versa. The Fashion Museum of Antwerp, MoMu feels the same love for both sectors and so they decided to combine them into one exhibition. Specifically about the famous Belgian painter Rik Wouters and the fashion which inspired him and in addition the fashion which was inspired by certain paintings! The most beautiful pieces are on show including a complete room designed by Dirk Van Saene! A definite must see if you come to Antwerp and you still have until the end of February to pay the museum a visit!
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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Belle Beauty | Otentics an Antwerp bases Frangrance Palace

Hi guys today I wanted to share a crazy cool Antwerp beauty hotspot, called Otentic, with you guys! As you might have seen on my social channels, I found some new perfume crushes and I discovered them in this store, located at Volkstraat 43. Otenthic is a private label fragrance brand. As you walk into their store you will discover a range of 10 different perfume collections. Each collection assorts 8 different scents, starting from delicate fragrances at No. 1 and becoming more intensive towards the No.8. Every collection has its own inspiration like eg.; Fyori (flowers), Sensuali (Sensual) & Arborath (Forest). As you work your way to their shop you will get a detailed overview of your personal perfume preferences and although it takes some time, it will definitely be worth your while! Moreover it would be the perfect Xmas present for you beloved, so Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!

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