Friday, June 24, 2016

Festival Season | Galaxy Galore at We Can Dance

Between all the vaca blogposts madness I just wanted to mix things up a bit with this galactic little moodboard I made for you guys! Finally the festival season has kicked off again and as every year I plan on visiting to coolest music paradise s for you guys and tell you all the ins and outs! From Belgium with love … this year We Can Dance Festival will have their annual dress up party on the beach again! This summer is all about futuristic – out of space themed clothing ! As always We Can Dance teamed up with the coolest labels and this year none other than Zalando has become one of their partners in crime! Here is my top 3 We Can Dance x Zalando fashion collection advise list including some extra inspirational photos to get you in the right make-up and accessory mood :)!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

La Vie Fleurit | Roadtripping through Crete

Since Crete is a big island I decided to rent a car on day 5 and 6 of my trip, to discover some of the island’s hidden treasures! Let me tell you now … boy oh boy did I do some exploring! People even called me crazy about undertaking such a big ‘Route Touristic’ but I’ve never really been scared of wondering off on my own so neither was I going to be on this excursion!

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

La Vie Fleurit on Tour | Crete - Hotel the Island

As promised today I’ll tell you guys a bit more about the hotel, ‘The Island’ I stayed in during my trip to Crete! Let me start by saying that ‘The Island’ is the perfect get away, when you want to go on a quit relaxation holiday. Many of the hotel’s guests don’t even leave the hotel and are just content with staying there the complete week. Which would have been extremely soothing for me as well … but… On the other hand that’s also a pity, for I’m always the ultimate explorer and so there weren’t many people to talk to, when it came down to receiving some nice hotspot tips. However like I said I’m an extreme voyager and I wasn’t afraid that my wanderlust wouldn’t kick in, when I needed it the most! So I decided to spend my first day in the hotel, because it was about time I did some long time overdue relaxing!

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