Summer Breeze

Ever since the sun started shining brightly again, I couldn’t wait to wear my new sandals. I have been trying them on for a couple of weeks now, eager to mix and match them with my spring/summer wardrobe. But each time I put them on and went out it was simply to cold to wear them. However I feel today is the day … Summer here I come!
Sandals with Purple, Pink and Orange colour-blocking; Aaiko, Sandals with Gold cat-print; Aaiko

These Aaiko sandals are great! They have leather sols and multiple scarves to wear them with. You can buy them with one particular piece of textile, but you can easily replace them with your own ribbon or for example a slice of some silk fabric. I chose the ones with the soft chiffon fabrics, one with a humorous cat print and the other with some fantastic colour blocking patterns.  

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