Willy Wonka's Wonderland

I love funny, comical and original ideas when it comes to promoting candy. While I was checking some food sides, I came across Hope and Greenwood. They promote and produce old British candy, while also experimenting with new ideas. Or as they introduce themselves at their site;  

“Miss Hope and Mr Greenwood believe that confectionery should be as gorgeous as a pair of posh knickers or your favourite perfume. We also like inventing new sweets such as Sugar Plums, Fizz!, Bang!, Wallops! And Gingerbread Humbugs, because we don’t like sleeping much and who needs social life anyway? “

Furthermore, they also produce; sweet cookbooks, they have a link at their site where you can leave your old childhood candy memories and they opened a fabulous cosy old-fashioned like shop in London at 1 Russell Street, Covent Garden. I can’t wait for them to open a shop in the Netherlands!

Visit their site; http://www.hopeandgreenwood.co.uk/  

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