Art Appreciation; Fashionista's Dinner!

During my thesis research I came across so many fantastic artists. Sadly enough I just wasn’t able to post all of them because I had to spend my time on doing something different … to be precise graduating J! Although I’m still in the middle of that process I decided to commence with publishing some works of these artists bit by bit.

The first work is by Fulvio Bonavia, who started his career by illustrating and graphically designing film posters. Nowadays he doesn’t only make private images, but his skills are also often commissioned by companies such as; Heiniken, Jaguar, Rolex, Campari & MTV. For his work he received various awards, like the international photography award, so therefore this artist is surely worth taking a look at.

 Blackberries, Blueberries and Broccoli Bags
(How’s that for alliteration ;)!)
Cheesy Necklace
Floral Perfum Bottle

My Ultimate Favour
Pancake ankle boots with powdered Sugar
 Scented Perfume Bottle
 Sardine Belt
Fantastic Sport Ad
 The Venetian Carnival
 Fabulous See Side Landscape

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