Art Appreciation; Trough the lens of famous photographers

Hedi Slimane is a French fashion designer from origin who studied political sciences, Art History and tailoring. Thanks to all of the previous educations, Slimane is able to bring a huge variety of different aspects to his work. He worked for both YSL and Dior Homme, but in addition Hedi represents several other fields as well, such as; Perfumes, interior design and photography. In 2004 he published his collection ‘Stage’, evolving around Rock photography. Furthermore he is responsible for contributing photo's and texts for many fashion magazines, such as ‘Vanity’. However, the thing which I like most about his work, is not his Rock style, landscapes or item photography, but especially the way he portraits and depicts (famous) people. Within my opinion he is able to show the real character or essence behind the image, which the rest of the world gets to see and in addition he captures the light beautifully.  

Eddie Redmaybe
Robbert Patterson


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