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Last weekend I was invited for a VIP closed door event at SIEN in Antwerp. The occasion ... to view an exclusive selection of the Iris van Herpen archive collection, which was exhibited for the very first time within the whole wide world. I was so excited when I received my invitation, because not only did this Dutch designer manage to get into Paris couture fashion week, but she was a major source of inspiration within my final thesis.

Iris van Herpen is the perfect example of how near the boundaries between couture and art have become and in some cases she even crosses these confines by creating items, which wouldn't be possible in your wildest dreams! She constantly raises her and for that matter also the fashion industries’ limitations, by delivering the world with; pure craftsmanship, new materials and innovating experiments. By making use of 3D-printing techniques, Iris van Herpen constructed a new vision on fashion and also concurred her place within genuine couture, resulting in several museums wanting to buy her work.

SIEN is the perfect boutique to show this collection, while owner Marie-Josine van de Water is able to integrate these artworks in such a way that all the items get the ultimate attention and obtain the recognition they deserve. Ms. Van de Water, an Iris van Herpen fan from the beginning, will passionately tell you about the collection and how all works came into being. The exposition will last till the 13th of October and is, just like SIEN, a definite must see when you visit Antwerp!





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