Haute Cookure; Salad Bar!

It’s green, it’s healthy and easy to make! My vegetarian salad was a great success apparently and so I figured why not share it with my readers :)! All you need is the following ingredients;

- A roll of tempé
- A bag of rucola
- 2 tea cups of frozen peas
- 2 chopped spring onions
- The zest and juice of 1 lemon
- Some olive oil
- Spices (Pepper, paprika- and/or curry powder)

Heat up some oil in a baking pan, slice the tempé into thin strips and bake them together with your chopped spring onions. Spice your tempé with whatever ingredients you favour or use the once I recommended at my ingredients list. Throw the frozen peas in a strainer and wash them with warm water for half a minute (the peas should be ready to eat). Wash the rucola and cut of any hard stems. Divide the lemon zest and sprinkle half over the baking tempé just before your strips are ready. When their done, combine them together with; the peas, the rucola and the spring onions. To finish pour over a dressing of olive oil, lemon juice and the remaining zest. Bon appétit and let me know how it tasted!




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