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It’s that time of the year again…Holiday season, means bring-out-your-purse-and-donate-season! I am a strong fighter for good deeds, love of one’s fellow men and charity. Although sometimes (and especially now) I go mad by all these people asking me to spend my already low-budget. Therefore fellow unfortunates this coming weeks I will be posting on charities, which I think are worth spending your and my money on!

First up is STOP AIDS NOW!, in my opinion one of the smartest fundraising ideas someone ever came up with. It's a very important project and nobody is afraid to spent €5, especially when you get something in return. Not even considering the fact that people are happy to spend a one-time donation instead of having to pay each month and it raises so much PR, since each year the streets are filled with Stop Aids Now!-bags.

I truly feel this is a great way to reach out to the people, because it’s really a good purpose and although in some cases people are just stubborn and don’t want to use any protection while having sex, in most cases people are just to poor to pay for it! In addition many African victims of aids haven’t even brought this upon themselves…Each and every single day thousands of women are raped, raising the number to 500.000 rapes ANNUALY! For the women, having to bear this terrible experience with them for the rest of their lives, most of the time their extreme pain is cost by proclaiming shame from their beloveds. In addition this is one of the reasons why many babies are born HIV-positive, without the mothers even knowing both of them are infected!

So Please…Raise Awareness, Be Active and Help Out! Which btw shouldn’t be a problem this year, while the Stop Aids Now!-bags were created by none other then; Victore & Rolf, Pip Studio & Dick Bruna!

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