Journal; Elle's & Filippa K's shopping event!

Last Wednesday people with an Elle subscription, were invited to an exclusive shopping night at the Filippa K store at the Wolvenstraat in Amsterdam. Even before the event officially began the shop was already immensely crowded and everyone was in for an even bigger treat when the clock actually hit 7 o’clock. By 8 the shop was overloaded, the drinks were taking a while, the food was gone before even noticing there was any and the goody-bags were taken over by greedy people leaving others with nothing. However, a fun event nevertheless with; great people, great clothing and in my case a great friend!

Filippa K and me will always have a 'till death do us part'-love

Rocking it with the DJ

As I said CROWDED!

Me with; MAC lipstick, Club Manhattan fish earrings,
H&M T-shirt & ZARA coat

Beer, champain & food

Goody bags before the big clean out




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