Last week Thursday was men’s pressday at SoPR and although I haven’t posted a lot of male fashion, it’s not because I don’t want to, but simply because there seems to be much more interesting writing material on women. However SoPR introduced me to a complete new world filled with; fantastic, fabulous & fun men’s items, which I am now eager to show to you! So get set … 5,4,3,2, … ready for take off … let’s go! 

Men's pressday? Or with Pleasurements for both ;)!
One of my favourite leather jacket brands; Goosecraft
The men of Cravatta Pelliano are
relaunching the Italian knitted tie.
Men's casuals, j'adore la tricot Francaise!
Zerba offers you the perfect items to dress of your outfit!
Can't get enough of Brandmeesters'?
New in; take-away-mugs!  

P.s. I was extremely happy when I found out that my ultimate all-time wishlist-feature, a metal lace butterfly mask (don’t ask me why), is apparently one of Pleasurements' new collection items! Now I only need the money to buy one and then I’m definitely ready ... So who’s throwing a masked-ball during New Year’s Eve?




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