Art Appreciation;Marion Bolognesi's Illustrations!

It always seems as if one could never go wrong while making aquarelles, of course it would take a practiced hand to turn it into a real piece of art, but often they seem to cheer me up in whatever way they’re presented. They often give the impression of living their own life, as if in case you would touch them, your fingers would be wet with paint. One of their other beauty features is the fact that they have the ability to capture a brief moment and in addition the artist is given the opportunity to depict something just by placing a few single lines.

Take multi-artist, Marion Bolognesi, for example. Next to making her own accessories, she also makes these fantastic watercolour portraits. These aquarelles are used not only in an expressive way, but mainly to illustrate and after receiving her BFA on Boston’s College of Art & Design, she had exhibitions around the world with these paintings.

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