BeLoved; 100% Natural Beauty Products!

Don’t you just love it when you discover a brand which produces a whole line of 100% natural products? Marius Fabre takes you to that special holiday feeling, where the warm Mediterranean sun is shining on your back and the smell of fresh lavender fields from the Provence crosses the air. The brand has been making environmental-friendly beauty products for over more then 100 years. They sell genuine Marseille soap, which means that their products only exist out of vegetable oils gained from; coconuts, olives & palm fruits.

Moreover if you ever wonder how soap is being made, this is the perfect brand to find out. Their beautiful factory is open for visits during the summer and they also initiated an additional soap museum with a specialist boutique. So if you go down there during the summer, be sure to visit Marius Farbe’s estate in Salon-de-Provence.


Rowan | R E D R E I D I N G H O O D said...

Oh, ik ben dol op schattige zeepjes, zoals op die laatste foto. Makes me wanna go to France!



Fleur said...

Haha and what about their packaging isn't it fabulous !?