Journal; Unlimited fun with Unlimited PR!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Unlimited PR Blogger’s Press Day. A day filled with; Food, Fashion and most of all a lot of Fun. Moreover we had the opportunity to check out the latest collections of all their accounts and in addition some of us even participated in various fantastic workshops, like designing a new shoe for G-Star Footwear. However, my biggest present came wrapped in a nice frame, which included an illustration of me, drawn by the inspiring Eva Bartels. Thank you UPR for the invite, I had a blast! 

Time is ticking with these funny Swatch watches 
The 10-pieces limited collection by Marc O'Polo 
The new must have G-Star Footwear collection 
Doesn't it feel like summer already!?  
Spicy red leather short by Pepe Jeans 
Drykorn's illustration of me, made by Eva Bartels



Leuk je te ontmoeten meis! xx

Unknown said...

Leuke foto's meid!:)

xx Laura