Win; Een 2-pers. Hello Fresh tas voor 3 dagen!

(English Version below) 
Woehoe ik heb een speciale verrassing voor jullie! Zoals ik gisteren al vertelde, ben ik echt super enthousiast over het nieuwe bedrijf Hello Fresh en vanaf nu maak jij kans om je eigen thuis bezorgde Hello Fresh tas te winnen! De gelukkige wint een compleet gevulde tas met genoeg eten voor 2 personen voor maar liefst 3 dagen!  

Meedoen is makkelijk ... alles wat je moet doen is;
  1. Mijn blog op bloglovin (link) volgen en deze blogpost daar ‘liken’ (klik op het hartje onder de post) en/of
  2. Mijn blog met google (link) volgen
  3. Extra credits voor diegene die ook mijn facebookpage (link) 'liken' en deze post daar delen.
Bekijk wel eerst even de site om er zeker van te zijn dat Hello Fresh ook bij jou in de buurt levert en vergeet niet om je naam hieronder achter te laten! Bonne chance à toutes!

Deze win-actie eindig op 23 Maart 2012 om 23:59.

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Win; A 3 day Hello Fresh bag for 2 persons! (English Version)

Whoop Whoop I have a special surprise for you guys! As I explained yesterday already, I became very excited by the new company Hello Fresh and starting from NOW you are able to win your own home delivered Hello Fresh bag! One lucky person will win a complete deliverance, which will provide you with enough food for 2 persons for 3 days!

Participating is easy … all you have to do is;
  1. Follow my blog on bloglovin (link) and like this blogpost afterwards (click on the hart below the post) and/or
  2. Follow my blog on google (link)
  3. Extra credits for those who like my facebookpage (link) & share this message
Make sure Hello Fresh delivers in your neighbourhood by visiting their site! Don’t forget to leave your name below this post! Bonne chance à toutes! 


Sunny said...

Hey Fleur, I did everything and then found out HelloFresh does NOT deliver in my neighborhood. Doh! Too bad because I think it's a great idea!

Sunny said...

Oh doh, of course not! It's a Dutch company :p Just realized that now. I'm soooo slow!

Fleur said...

Haha I'm sorry babe!Next time I'll to plan a give away which envloves smaller items :)!
But thanks any way haha!How's your sasha competition going?


Frenchonista said...

Interesting!!! Me playing now!!!
I am sharing on facebook and Twitter!!

Anonymous said...

DOne !!! :) Please turn off that „words check” it’s driving me nuts :D

Sunny said...

That'd be great, Fleur!

I don't really know how the competition is going to be honest. I love everybody's pictures and didn't really expect to win! xx

Laura Hoppe said...

Done, done, done & done babe! May the most enthusiastic one win ;)!

Really L O V E Hello Fresh btw; great initiative!


Fleur said...

EXITING! The pressure is rising ... tic tac tic tac !

Fleur said...

Also entered within the competition are Annette Vis & Cecilia Sellmeijer, whom did everything required to join the give-away, but forget to leave their names (stupid)!


Umair Ali said...

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reena said...

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