Journal; 20 years Couture Heaven!

Have I made curious with my little preview? Well try this x 10 times excitement and you’re not even close to the feeling I got, when I received my official Verso invite to celebrate their 20th Birthday. Verso being one of the most; beautiful, elegant & luxurious designer fashion shops in Belgium, had planned an incredible event to celebrate this commendable day. A happening which almost made me emotional in the end, since I found myself in such a beautiful position, of which I never could have dreamed of.

What a night, what a setting, but most of all what a wonderful store, which turned into one of the most important locations Antwerp has to offer. Once again thank you for letting me be part of this unbelievable event and congratulations on your fantastic achievement!

The venue was set at Antwerp's historical central station. 
The défilé looked like a 50's Parisian Haute Couture pose.
My outfit for the night
Each party deserves a dance floor and each dance floor deserves a party. 


Your Lifestyle Guide said...

Wow, hoe gaaf joh! Ik ben wel eens bij Verso binnen geweest en verbaas me telkens over alle luxe! Gave foto's!

Fleur said...

Thanks! Ik was ook maar 1 van de lucky bloggers dus een extra grote eer :)! xo

Jaspe H. said...

Je ziet er echt leuk uit meid !

Fleur said...

Ohhh thnx sweety dat is echt zo lief! xo