Must Have; Belgium's new Beauty Concept!

Whoohoo I always like suprise packages. Last week a received a new one and I found some great things inside. Belgium has got a new must-have in beauty land…Deauty. It stands for Discover & Beauty and that’s what it exactly sells. Every moth you get a small box containing beauty products for you to try and the great thing about it is…It will only cost you €15 instead of the average €100 on what the box encloses! This month it contains products by the following brands; Essie, Clarins, Redken, L'Oreal & Nuxe . So hurry up and subscribe yourself today at


Liesbeth (candyandtreats) said...

Ik vind'm leuk! Ben erg benieuwd naar de opvolgers :-)

Je zag er trouwens FABULOUS uit op Miele Catwalk in je vorige post, wauw!


Fleur said...

Ahhh thank you so miuch that's so sweet! And yes me too heel benieuwd naar de opvolgers, maar ik ben sowieso al blij met deze box! Dat rozen-gezichtswater van Nuxe is echt super en je krijgt er onwijs zachte wangen van haha!