Newsflash; AdR's "You need a Fashion Shower!"

She did it again ... Anna Dello Russo is turning heads once more! As usual I must admit :)! The Japanese Vogue editor-at-large, is one of the world’s hottest style icons and as she says so herself she likes to been seen as “The Guardian of Fashion”. To embrace this and because of the fact she’s part of a new collaboration with H&M … Mrs Dello Russo, Alex Turvery and H&M Accessories Collection teamed up to make a CRAZY-FUNNY-FASHION music video. Check it out below and watch carefully because the clip already reveals some of the new accessories from the line . 

Anna Dello Russo – You need a Fashion Shower

If it wasn’t clear yet according to Anna there are 10 rules you must obliged to; 
Lesson Nr.1; Fashion is a declaration of your own freedom!
Lesson Nr.2; Between Style and Fashion? … Absolutly Fashion!?
Lesson Nr.3; Fashion is always uncomfortable! If you feel comfortable, you never get the look!
Lesson Nr.4; Fabulous at every age!
Lesson Nr.5; Wearing nightclothes in the daytime, is unexpected!
Lesson Nr.6; Somebody wearing your same outfit…Wonderfull you did the right choice!
Lesson Nr.7; You must wear outfit once!
Lesson Nr.8; Wear a coat as a dress!
Lesson Nr.9; It doesn’t matter the size of you body, fashion flatters everything!
Lesson Nr.10; Fashion jewels personalize your style! 

And if you are wondering about her collaboration with H&M…It will be in stores on the 4th of October in 140 shops worldwide. Below is a little more information on what we can expect, but more will be revealed tomorrow on La Vie Fleurit so stay tuned!

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