DIY; How to perfectly apply your nailpolish !?

Aaahhhhhh nailpolish, one of womens finest beauty products! It doesn’t matter if you have long or short nails, everyone is able to make their own little work of art. But how to apply the perfect nailpolish or better yet how to perfectly apply your favourite nailpolish? 

Thanks to a workshop offered to me by ProNails, I now have the perfect DIY on how to polish your nails faultless. And you know what’s even greater? It’s as easy as pie! All you have to do is follow the next few steps;
1. Take your brush and place it just below the center of you nail.
2. Then push the brush downwards to your cuticle, in order for you brush to become a bit more wider and then easily smooth the polish up to the edge of you nail.
3. Apply a new stroke left of the placed polish, brushing from cuticle till top and do the same for the right hand side.
4. Dry … Smile and Wave my dear friends, Smile and Wave!

In addition you must live up to the following tips;
1. Storage your nailpolish in the refrigerator, this way you can preserve them longer.
2. If you use nail art stickers, then its easier to cut them while their still on their base card.
3. Don’t shake the bottle or otherwise sticky nailpolish will spread all over the cap and its brush.  
4. Always apply a base coat. First a very thin layer and then another thin layer on top. Afterwards you can apply the colour of your choosing.

So the next time you polish your nails, let me know how it went! Facebook, Twitter or comment me and even better send me some pictures of your best creations! Good luck!

My favourite ProNails' Colours and Stickers of the season!
Fellow bloggers Elfi and Kim also joined the workshop
And like I said ... Don't forget to Smile and Wave...Smile and Wave! 


Rowan | R E D R E I D I N G H O O D said...

Gaaf! Ik ben echt een rampgebied met nagellak :P



Fleur said...

Rowan haha! You should definitly try this! Ik zelf heb stiekem hele korte nagels, dus meestal gaat het bij ook niet vlekkeloos, maar inderdaad het werkt heel goed! Ik merkte het met name toen ik hun matte nagellak gebruikte, want normaal zie je dan altijd strepen, but guess wat ... DEZE KEER NIET! Maar hoe cool zijn die nagelstickers! Ze hebben er ook met snake & schilpad print ook super grappig!



smilesammy44 said...

love the nails! wish i could paint mine as well as you can, definitely going to try this :) xx

Fleur said...

Hey SmileSammy,

I hope you don't mean the first picture, because if so I must admit those nails are not mine haha it's this season commercial for ProNails! However you can get pretty close by following the steps and if not then I definitly advise those nails stickers!

Have a nice day,