Journal; Who said glasses can't be cool!?

Whoever said people with glasses look dull!? Think again, douchebag! So what they have a poor eye-sight … Who even cares? Some people even look better with their monocles on and wouldn’t be found dead without them! Specsavers, one of the Netherlands’ largest spectacles sellers, sure thought the same thing and a while ago they organised their annual ‘Eyeglass Wearer of the Year’- competition. The contest drew quite some subscriptions and in the end 12 finalist from every Dutch province were selected. The lucky winner turned out to be, Dinetta Ridderhof, and she’s truly a sight for sore eyes ;)!

The professional jury; Carlo Wijnands, Spijkers & Spijkers, Francisco van Benthum, 
Eveline Tomaszewski & Pauline Schenk
True shock ... Yes you won! 
Smile + Eyes = Smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyeeeeeeeees!

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