BeLoved; 4Ever With Everyone!!!

Watch out everyone, because the following young entrepreneur is coming fast and she's coming hard! Wonder who this cute design and commercial talent might be? Well it’s non other then the beautiful, Kae Sutherland, founder and owner of the cute and stylish brand 4ever With Everyone. Kae designs small, though sophisticated and fun friendship bracelets. In april 2012 she launched the brand’s Facebook page and it has reached more then 4500 likes already! With these top-notch figures I would say, there’s a bright full future ahead for Miss Sutherland. 

Curious about my personal favourites? Check them out below and if you want to order some of your own, you should go to or you could always like their Facebookpage,, to stay up-to-date one their latest products!


Unknown said...

Oeh like them very much! The one with the handcuffs: too cute!

Fleur said...

Yes very and so cool to combine!