Haute Cookure / Wishlist; Taste buds tingling Photography!!!

As many of you might know by now, I AM ADDICITED TO FOOD. I love the smell, the looks, the taste, the actual cooking and having diners with friends & family. But most of all I adore experimenting or even better yet, the moment a new idea pops up in my mind and I can already taste the different flavours combining together, without even having to cook it. And yes it has been said by many people before and I’m not afraid to admit it; Cookbooks are my favourite literature!

So of course you will understand that I already made a new wish list for the holidays, including this year’s must-have gastronomic volumes! The first one on my list is the new book of fellow blogster ‘What Katie ate’. I always love her recipes. However, her culinary photography is one of the best I know off! So tell me what you think…Do these photos make your taste buds tingle as well?

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