My Wardrobe; An Indian-Bohemian fall afternoon!!!

Yes my dear friends fall has come, but let’s just enjoy those last sunbeams and make the best of it! Who knows winter might have a surprise installed and if not … Oh well both fall and winter are beautiful seasons on it’s own, so just crawl behind a nice fire with some hot cocoa! Or you can also just act like nothing is changing and dress into your warmer spring clothes, like I did for this week’s outfit-post! Whatever you do, pick the one that works best for you and fill me in on how you like to spend a nice fall afternoon!

Especially during these wet & slippery seasons, I find it handy to always bring an extra pair of flaties! See the difference between photos? The outfit remains the same, but with a little difference in comfort! 

Cornflower Blue Bhiffon Blouse; Primark
Dark Jeans; Primark
Velvet Hat & Straw Bag; Vintage Flea Market Find
Cornflower Blue Belvet Pumps; Primark
Dark Blue Sneakers; Primark
Golden Necklace, Bracelet & Earclips; Vintage, Manu Antiques Breda


Belle said...

Leuke blouse (heb namelijk dezelfde haha).
Je haar ziet er ook leuk uit zo!

Fleur said...

Haha dan heb je een goede smaak ;)!



mrsaybia?Mireille said...

Leuk outfit! Dat bewijst dat je niet altijd veel geld hoeft uit te geven om er goed uit te zien!! Top!