BeLoved; Enchanted by a notorious Fragrance House!!!

“Hmmmmm what smells so good? Well that’s me thank you for asking haha!” I had quite a few comments on my scent, when I was wearing some of the Aqua Colonia fragrance range. The fantastic thing about these perfumes by 4711, is that they have the most wonderful, but especially very delicate aroma. I absolutely love odours, but sometimes they’re simply just too heavy or sweet and I’d rather have something subtle instead! Some of you fortunate La Vie Fleurit Holiday Give-Away winners might have had the luck of trying these out for themselves by now, but I bet they will totally agree with me, when I say these perfumes complement your total package, without taking all the attention! In addition these scents work for both men and women, hence it makes the perfect gift for couples!

So if you fancy a ravishing mild fragrance, why not try one of the 4711, Aqua Colonia ones!? My personal favourite from the Holiday Give-Away, is the Melissa & Verbena, which is an extremely refreshing one and apparently it’s supposed to have a positive effect on body, mind & spirit. But furthermore I wouldn’t mind trying out their Juniper Berry & Marjoram and Blood Orange & Basil, for I believe they must both be very fresh, but will also embody a lot of character! If it were up to you, which one is or would be your favourite?

The La Vie Fleurit Holiday Give-Away Deluxe Goodybag package.
My new wishlist items! Can't wait to try these beauties! 
If the brandname 4711 didn't ring a bell, this picture and packaging probably will! Btw rumour has it, that they will launch a new perfume next spring, so stay tuned for more!


mrsaybia/Mireille said...

De Melissa & Verbena is ook mijn favoriet van het pakket! Lekker fris, maar toch subtiel!!

Anonymous said...

Geen idee ik ken de geurtjes niet en heb helaas ook de give-away niet... Ben er wel erg benieuwd naar na dit verhaal ;-)

Kirsten @ Triple Max Tons said...

Very pretty packaging!