Mix & Match; A splash of NEON!

“Baby, it’s cold outside” 
Yes it sure is and because I love to keep you guys warm, I figured why not do a little piece on the upcoming summer trends today! Just like last season, NEON is a big thing again! So what’s better to turn you excited and to brighten up these darken days, then this booming trend!? So here’s a little mix & match and trend overview to get you in the mood! Last but not least, don’t be afraid to combine neon items into your outfit and if you’re not into being flashy all over, just take a small neon accessory, which will definitely do the trick as well!

Mix & Match; A Splash of Neon by La Vie Fleurit! #style #trend #neon #colour #spring #summer #ss2013 #fashion #accessories #eyecandy #win

From left to right en from top to bottom;

Green 'Coolbag' Bag; Silis
Yellow Snake Skin Bracelet; Ted Rossi via Max & Chloe
Orange Jacquard Skirt; Nathalie Vleeschouwer
Pink Floral Jacquard Jacket; Stella McCartney
Pink Heel Jazz Shoe; Fratelli Rossetti
Orange and Gold Lurex Short; Filles a Papa
Blue Sport's Watch; Adidas
Pink and Lace Dress; Pinko
Green Graphic High Heels; United Nude
Orange Band Straw Hat; Tosca Blu
Yellow Jazz Shoe; Marc by Marc Jacobs
Yellow Ostrich Skin Messenger Bag; Tosca Blu
Pink Jeans; Mavi

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Homemadepicturemania Sao Nonac said...

Great! I'm a very big fan neon accesoiries & fashion! ;-)