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Ahhhh summer is coming and all around me the terraces are filled with glasses of G & T’s! So I figured it was time to make a list of Gin brands, which not only taste good but also look good at the same time! And if you’re not into Gin & Tonics, then try this .. add a little sliced cucumber and some lime syrup or try the following recipe for a nice Gin Fizz. 

What do you need? 
2 oz of Gin / The juice of half a Lemon or Lime / A tablespoon of Powdered Sugar / Some crushed Ice / Carbonated Water

Shake the first 4 ingredients and stir into a cocktail glass while adding the carbonated water. 


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From left to right and from top to bottom;

Gin Breuckelen Distilling / Bombay Sapphire / Tancqueray Mallaca Hendrick's Gin / 
Monkey 47 / G Vine Gin / Gin Mare / Corsair Gin
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