Trend File | Cool Caps!!!

This summer caps are smocking hot! We already saw a revival during the winter thanks to Kenzo’s famous cap collection, but this season a lot of other brands, like River Island & Vans, also picked up the trucker hat vibe. Personally I’ve always loved to wear caps … They’re perfect when you have a bad hair day, or when you want to go undercover for a while but in addition they’re fantastic when the sun is shining bright and you don’t want your precious face to turn into a tomato. So my lovely hipsters, make sure you buy a cap this summer!

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From left to right and from top to bottom;
River Island (here)/ River Island (here)/ RVCA / Sundance Beach / HATer SNAPBACK / VANS (here)

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Anonymous said...

very cool, where do you buy these???

Fleur said...

Online or in the brand's concept stores! I just added some online webshop links behind the brand names underneath the image, that way you might be able to find them on the internet!

Steven Brown said...

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