Belle Beauty | Ohhh Honey ... !!!

My sweeties pies, I’m baccckkkk! Last week I went on holiday to France and so I have lots of new material to tell you guys! But first things first … Marc Jacobs came up with another one of his delicious creative ideas. A new commercial for the brand’s novel fragrance, Honey. The video is so quirky and cliché that it becomes hilariously funny! Ohhh what we’d do to get into the head of Mister Jacobs! I wonder what the scent smells like but if we look at the bottle (beautifull and cute as always), then it’s clear to say that it will be another one of those fab bouquet Walhalla’s!
Belle Beauty | Ohhh Honey ... by La Vie Fleurit !!! Belle Beauty, Beauty, Fragrances, Perfum, Marc Jacobs, BBlogger, Parfym, New, Nieuw, MJ, Design, Brand, Packaging, Must Have, Wish List, celebs, blog, blogger, Fleur Feijen

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