Journal | Instagram Recap November

Yes it’s time for my first Instagram Recap! As some of you might have noticed I recently joined the Instagram gang! If you didn’t, don’t hesitate to follow me if you want to stay informed on my daily events. You can find me under the account name of LaVieFleurit or by going to this link and press follow subsequently! You'll find the description of my Instagram month below these pictures! Have a nice day!

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From left to right and from top to bottom;

1. The desirable breakfast table at Mondo Hotel Oostende, where I joined the Bloggers Closet Sale | 2. During the Antwerp Pressdays I came across the fabulous new Zoe Karssen Collection! | 3. Also I spotted these cool Essentiel flip-flops for SS14. | 4. Furthermore I noticed some superb bling in the new Souvenirs de Pomme line. | 5. These shoes literally brighten up a rainy day. | 6. J’adore these new powder coloured D&G sunnies for next summer! | 7. Working out with this pretty Banana Moon bike is über cool! | 8. Totally in love with the new Rimmel collection and their Space Dust nailpolishes! | 9.  started heaving very healthy power food breakfasts! | 10. Mesmerised by this beautiful Natan dress for next season! | 11. I’m planning my new trip with this fantastic Filles à Papa bathing suit. | 12. Another fantastic Ella Luna item I placed on my wishlist! | 13. I attended the opening of Primark Eindhoven and bought this burgundy hat. | 14. During my visit at the Verzamelaarsjaarbeurs I couldn’t resist this pretty lace collar. | 15. Finally I checked out the new Wasbar location in Antwerp … A definite must visit!

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