Mix & Match | Gothic Goddess

It’s funny you know … Ever since I lived in Belgium, I get more and more comments that my personal style looks kind of Rocker / Gothic … Huh, MOI!? There are some words I would have never thought of finding in one sense haha! Although I do agree there are some elements in my outfits which might suggest those comments, but still I feel I don’t cling on to one specific style! In addition there’s a clear visible difference in Dutch and Belgian looks. Any way I felt inspired by those comments and I decided to make a nice style file on how to show your inner Gothic Goddess!

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1. Eyeshadow Palet, Estée Lauder | 2. Diamond Cross Necklace, Diamanti Per Tutti | Long Black Gown, Tim Labenda for Zalando | 4. Black leather Shopper, Daphny Raes | 5. Velvet and Crystal embellished Cuff, Viktor & Rolf for Swarovski | 6. Dark purple Lipstick, Chanel | 7. Leather strapped Boot, Invito

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