Newsflash | Heel Holland Bakt and I would like to introduce ... ME

Yeahhh finally the moment has come. Heel Holland Bakt just posted a small introduction movie on … well uh … Me :)! In the next few days, they’ll introduce all of the contestants for the new series and apparently I’m to bear the brunt! But to be honest I really don’t mind, although I must say it’s extremely strange to hear myself talking haha! In addition I’m delighted to tell you that my parents also got a little introduction to fame and they are represented in a couple of shots as well! Whaaaa I’m so excited and I can’t wait till the show will broadcast! For those of you whom haven’t marked their agendas yet, the first episode will launch the 7th of September at 21:30 on Nederland 1. Ow and please let me know what you think, I’m super curious :D!

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Chloe said...

Super leuk meis! X

Mireille said...

Echt ontzettend leuk! We zijn vanavond niet thuis, maar het staat al ingeprogrammeerd. We gaan zeker kijken! Top!