Mix & Match | Valentine's Wishlist

L’Amore, L’Amour, Liefde, cinta, kärleken, इश्क, 爱 … L.O.V.E! It doesn’t matter in what language you prenounce it, because it will remain Love! It’s the universal language of the world. And when it comes bearing gifts it will be extremely hard to refuse ;)! 

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1. Rose Golden Watch, Esprit | 2. Cashmere Cardigan, Eric Bompard | 3. Smoky Poppy Shower Gel, The Body Shop | 4. Red Lingerie  'Romantic Valentine', Hunkemöller | 5. Golden Love Ring, Thea | 6. Perfume & Candy ' Les Delices de Nina', Nina Ricci | 7. Eyeshadow 'Couture Palette Hearts Profusion - N˚4 Saharienne', Yves Saint Laurent
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