Newsflash | It's time to KICK OFF the rest of my life!

Yesssssssssss I’m back my loves! And this time I’m truly here to stay! I’ve got so much to tell you guys! Pfffff where to start… well let's just start with the fact that I got (read; with all of my hard earned cash I paid) my very first own car … yeah! Moreover I went on a wonderful trip to Greece! Which I'll tell you guys more about later this week! But the most important thing of all … I quit my job! Such an amazing relief! It simply wasn't the job for me and I missed being creative, getting to write, being up to date on all fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle news, but most of all I just missed being me! So after trying for a few more months (I’m not a quitter you see) I decided to finally make the step to go solo! Yep that’s right…I’m starting my own business! First of all I’ll be blogging more, I’m hoping to get more journalistic freelance jobs, I’m currently very busy on creating a new Food & Drinks online platform, I’m launching a webshop and I’m just going to do whatever creative thing I simply want to do!

I have had to listen to ignorant people (read; society in general) for far too long; saying that I should focus on becoming one thing … Screw that sh*t, I’m over it! I’m just going to do whatever I want! Yes I like all the good things in life and yes I want to work on things I love to do! Sure it might be hard earning money in the beginning, but at least I’ll be doing what I want to do and not what someone else tells me to do! And you know what? You might say I can’t do everything, but guess what I’m going to do my best to prove you wrong and yes maybe I’ll fail, but at least I will have tried! But what if it does work? Let me guess … than I’m that girl that got lucky … haha yeah right … you see it’s so freaking funny if you think about it … people are SO busy with being envious over other peoples’ lives, they don’t stop to realise what a crazy good life they’re living themselves. So let’s all just stop being so negative all the time and let’s just rock this thing like there’s no tomorrow! It's time to Kick Off the rest of my life and I'm very curious about what's to come! Ohhhhhh and for the followers that have been around for the last 5 years of me blogging … Thanks for sticking by me through this period and let’s make it a fantastic extra 5 years to come ;)! 

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